A copywriter is described as a person employed to perform copywriting for the purpose of advertising or marketing a product, business, idea or another person. Sounds kind of drab, doesn’t it? I like to look at copywriting as exciting, lively, informative and fun. To attract clients, you want something that makes them enjoy their stay and keep coming back.

I have fun writing and that’s the best way to sell anything. I started out as a sportswriter (don’t we all?) and moved on to positions as a news reporter, feature writer and columnist, later working on the rewrite desk for tabloids that reached millions of readers.

The new media became an easy transition with an emphasis on keywords and SEO arrangements, along with sales copy and press releases for businesses ranging from family dentistry:

Family oral health services offer general, preventive, surgical, geriatric and cosmetic dentistry to treat you and your entire family with overall oral health protection. The friendly staff handles treatment and coordination of services to meet all of your dental needs.

To outboard motor sales:

SAVE Money on Parts Replacement
 — Fewer Parts on New Outboard Motors — With the Evinrude two-stroke outboard engines, you’ll get 195 fewer parts than a four-stroke.

SAVE on 3-Year, 300-Hour Spark Plugs — The advanced iridium plugs in an Evinrude provide you with a longer lasting, more efficient spark plug.

SAVE on No Oil Changes — With your Evinrude E-TEC, you’ll put money in your pocket over three years with no oil changes.

You get the point. When you make copywriting fun and attractive, your audience will follow. The same is true for blogs, whether you offer information on “Let Software Ease Accounting,” “Create Your Own Unique Website as an Instant Expert,” “Eat the Foods You Enjoy and Lose Weight” or “Plant Stem Cells Hold Secrets to Staying Young.”

Fascinating secrets about beautifying the skin with deep penetration from stem cells were unraveled just a few years ago, finding their way into the innovative Eminence Organic Skin Care line. Researchers pinpointed areas in deep layers of the skin where dermal stem cells work actively to produce elastin, collagen and other vital substances that improve the skin’s elasticity. Plant stem cells enhance this process by lifting and firming your skin for a younger looking appearance.

I helped launch business websites with sales copy and articles. I’ve ghostwritten books on organic skin care, health supplements and granite (yes, I can even make that sound exciting for a home improvement company) to promote businesses.

Customers love amazing information about the products and services they want. When you have fun copywriting, clients have fun reading, learning and buying — that’s fun for all of us!

Jerry Shaw

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